Adjusting my Goals

I think it's important to note that people change, and so do our goals. That's okay! Sometimes we think we want something and we realize that we don't.

That's what happened to me. I've updated my goals with a few new changes that I've realized:

I want to take more pictures

This goal is actually still accurate. And the way I'm going about this will still remain the same. But the intention, the action, behind the goal changed. Originally, I was going to buy a DSLR. I argued that investing money on something like that will motivate me to accomplish the goal.

After 20 days of taking pictures easily with my iPhone, I realized that was unreasonable. The goal is totally achievable with todays Smart Phones. I am not super into photography, not enough to purchase a camera at least. But I love taking pictures, and I decided a better intention would be to introduce a new organizational tool (a todolist) to hold myself accountable.

I want to work out more

This goal in and of itself was offbase for me. I don't actually want to work out more. What I want is to be physically fit and confident in my body. The way I achieve this goal is by eating healthy and getting exercise.

I decided that the intention and balance of the goal was very accurate and useful, but the end goal was weak and inaccurate.

Lastly, I've added a new goal!

I want to Rust to become my strongest language

Rust is a language that I've been working on for the last year. I've been on and off on it, and every time I come back I feel a need to start from scratch. That's because I'm never on long enough to intake the language concepts.

So, this goal, is to finally follow through on it. To add to that, I want to know Rust well enough to outweigh how well I know JS and PHP. Since I'm using JS and PHP at work, this will be a difficult task. But, as long as I follow through and consistently practice, I can do it!