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Announcing izfs, an open-source self-hosted media sharing and streaming alternative

My friend Ian and I are creating a software called izfs (Ian and Zach's file sharer), a software intended for quick sharing of videos, images, and other types of media.

The goal of our software is to provide an alternative to services such as imgur, streamable, and YouTube without the social features. It's a simple software intended for you to quickly upload and share your files with others.

Planned features:

  • HLS conversion of mp4 files for video streaming
  • On the fly image editing via an UI
  • On the fly image editing via an API
  • A simple front-end for viewing and uploading videos
  • A simple API for implementing your own integrations

As of right now, we're still in development for the mvp. But feel free to join us and participate on GitHub. We encourage feature requests, discussions, and general community contribution!