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Status Update - January 2023

January has been a super eventful month. I turned 30, I got a new full-time job, and I've focused a lot on my other hobbies like gaming and music.

This month I'm going to be starting a new position as a Full-Stack Engineer, which I'm very excited for. We're going to be working with gis data, which will be a first for me. And I'm looking forward to a role with both front-end and back-end development being emphasized together. The people I've met also sound wonderful, and it's fully remote! Woohoo!

Project wise, my friend and I are still continuing work on izfs, which we would love contributions to! It's a personal project for own personal use to save us some money, so I anticipate it actually being completed (hopefully).

Aside from that, I'm continuing to jam out on the guitar, working with my wonderful teacher Cyberattack. I want to integrate a feature into this website where I can start publishing my music. Maybe I'll write a post on how I end up doing that.

Thanks for reading! More posts about software (rust), books, and video games next month!