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Status Update - February 2023

This month has been rough. Lots of miscommunications that have caused a lot of heartache. But, at the time of writing this, everything has been course corrected. I'm just exhausted.

this month I learned

About tracing, particularly using tracing as an alternative to the log, but also just the concept of tracing in general. My approaches to logging, commenting, and tracing have all been consolidated so fluidly that I ended up converting every active Rust project to use the tracing package now.


I helped with one of Isolary's project, dockerizing and adding auto-deploy to their project. I also consolidated and dramatically simplified the developer and deployment experience. This was particularly fun for me, as I got to strategize around deploying to a more "classic" EC2 instance, but with a modern GitOps approach.

I ended up creating a relatively simple flow, very integrated with Github (like environments, actions, packages, etc), that utilized a static docker-compose.json file, and then used jq to fill in dynamic variables during the build process. Overall super happy with the outcome there.


Cobrashare is getting farther with it's integration with Patreon. I've had to re-work a lot of systems, both on the frontend and the backend. Long story short: the Node and React ecosystem move fast and become quickly unstable if not taken care of right.