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Status Update - End of 2023

Hello! As is per the usual for dev blogs, I've fallen off the wagon of consistency. Although, it wasn't unintentionally (at least not totally). I've been working on a lot of stuff, and I've been really busy. I've got a new gig that we're launching soon, and I've got a baby coming this week!

I need to re-think these posts. I want them to have more substance and heft. I want the articles to be worthwhile and relatively timeless.

I want to start breaking free of developer tutorials, and go into more analysis. These at the end of the day are mostly for me, but I love the idea of doing video game breakdowns. I also want to add other content to this site.

I'm not sure, but these previously monthly status updates are not doing it.

So, for my last update of 2023. I'm happy. And I'm excited for the future, as unknown as it may be (which is the best part)