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These posts are going to be more or less a post mortem, or a review, of how well I accomplished all my goals, issues I ran into, and successes I had.

Week 1 was definitely the first weeks, if that makes any sense. I was successful in things like cooking, and planning, and accomplishing all my todos.

What I learned, is that discipline is super necessary, and planning is super necessary. Getting things in my calendar, in my todo list, having reminders, things like that. They're all very necessary.

My biggest success was my calendar and todos. I was able to accomplish most everything I put in there, if I timed it right.

As for failures, I would say my meal planning (primarily breakfast), and my workout schedule failed.

The workout was particularly hard because of the way I scheduled it. When I make a new workout plan next week, I'm going to make a point to be more intentional about how I balance work, workouts, and personal time. The other issue I ran into for workouts was two of the three I scheduled I did not prepare my workout gear in my car. I need to make sure I do that.

As far as meal planning, it was mostly successful. The issue I ran into was meal planning for breakfast. Now, I don't necessarily consider this one a failure. I just realized that I'm not big on breakfast! I don't think that's a big deal honestly. But, I do know breakfast is important.

Corrections for next week

  1. Make workouts more intentional and balance them with proper times. Also, make sure to be prepared for them.
  2. Plan meals separately. What I mean by this is don't necessarily plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a whole day. Spread things out.

Aside from that, I did pretty well! This week I'll be attempting to purchase a DSLR to accomplish my photography goal. In the meantime, I have been able to successfully take one picture every day.

Pictures of the week:

Working hard on getting those sprints done! I got a new haircut! I finished setting up my apartment (mostly)

Updated on January 17, 2019

Motivational Words

This idea came from my friend Lauren, who got the idea from this podcast. The idea, as I understand it (and how I intend to execute it) is to think of these words every time you do or say anything. Use them as motivation to drive everything you do and are.

My words are intention and balance

Resolution List

Note: For all of these resolutions I wanted to make a point to not call them 2019 resolutions. They’re more like “life” resolutions. Each one is supposed to improve my life as a whole. I want to take my time with each one. My thinking is that I want to accomplish each one for the sake of improving myself, not for the sake of accomplishing them.

In the spirit of that, each resolution is accompanied by reasonable way to achieve itself.

I want to get physically fit I want to work out more

Edited on January 17, 2019 Work out at least three days a week Intention: During the week prior, put workouts in my calendar. Schedule what kind of work out I’m going to do as well. Balance: Put Rest Days in the Calendar.

I want to cook more

Cook at least four days a week Intention: During the week prior, find four recipes. Add all items I don’t have to the grocery list. Be sure to have all groceries for a dish prior to cooking the dish. Balance: Keep three days available for going out or eating in/relaxing

I want to learn to bake

Cook at least once a month Intention: On the 1st Sunday of the month, find a recipe to bake and add all items that I don’t have for it to the grocery store Balance: Prior to having all the items necessary to bake, be sure to only buy one major item for baking a month instead of baking something.

I want to go back to school

Sign up for classes Intention: Pick at least one pre-requisite class for a class I want to take Balance: Take at least one class I enjoy

I want to take more pictures

Take at least one picture a day Intention: Buy a DSLR and get into a photography class of some sort. Think of intention here as investment. Investing in the hobby sometimes helps motivate you to pursue the hobby. Intention: This one I set a Todo list item that repeats everything single day. It sets a badge notification if I don't complete it (badge notifications drive my crazy) Balance: Picture can be of anything, including myself. But, I should try and take pictures of events, loved ones, or other things beside myself.

I want to spend more time in nature

Take a hike at least once a month Intention: On the 1st Sunday of the month, research a hike to do and plan a day to do it. Balance: During non-ideal weather months, replace a hike with a walk or an extra work out day. On nice weather months, replace a work out day with a hike.

I want to Rust to become my strongest language

Intention: Every Sunday, schedule at least 1 hour a day, every day, to practice my Rust skills Balance: This doesn't necessarily have to be coding. It could be reading an article about Rust, reading some of my books about Rust, or just reviewing some code on open source repositories

I want to document my life

Start a blog Intention: During the week prior to publishing an article: plan a topic, write an outline, schedule a day to write the article, set a publish day/deadline Balance: If a week is a bit hectic, I can skip this at most once within the course of about a month.

I want to follow through with everything I do and plan

Put all events, including the ones above, in either my calendar or my todo list respectively. Intention: Do this item, alongside my other items, every Sunday morning. Balance: If I forget to do it on Sunday, or don’t have an opportunity, do it at the end of Monday instead.

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