2019 in Review

Posted on January 11, 2020

2019 was a great year for my professional development. I have learned a ton as a developer, as an employee, and as a leader. I left my former team Isolary in search of furthering my career opportunities. I had a terrible experience with an employer which taught me a lot. And I gained a ton of experience with many different tools, languages, and tech.

Something that went to the wayside in 2019 was everything else. I didn't pay enough attention to my mental and physical health, my personal hobbies went out the door, and my general happiness diminished.

It's important to do something you love, but it's also important to love yourself. 2019 really pounded that in to me, and made me realize what is really important to me. Here's all my goals for 2019 and how those goals changed throughout the year.

Workout at least three days a week

Working out is something I was intermittently good about throughout the year. I blame the lack of balance between work life and personal life here, which is my primary goal for the future. Starting right in the beginning of this year I'll be immediately going back to this goal.

Cook at least four days a week

Cooking is something I just stopped valuing as much. I do want to cook more, but I want it to feel less like a chore and more fun. In addition to that, my girlfriend moved in with me in the middle of the year, and she has become and excellent cook.

My goal for the future is to cook breakfast every work morning. This is coupled with balancing my sleep schedule, and would help promote that.

Bake at least once a month

Baking is simply something that I thought I'd enjoy more than I did. I'll bake for fun in the future, but I probably will not be making it an actionable goal.

Sign up for classes

In 2019 I wanted to sign up for more classes, get a degree in Physics. I think that this ended up being too cumbersome with a full time job (especially since it wasn't entirely necessary). I still have an interest in physics but for the future I'm going to take a more casual approach.

Take a hike at least once a month

Hiking is another activity that I'd like to go on. I also want this to be less of a chore as well, and be more fun. Right now, I won't make it an actionable goal because I won't be getting a car until later this summer. But in the summer, I will revisit this.

Practice Rust at least once a week

Practicing Rust is something that I didn't necessarily do every week, but is something that I was really consistent at. I feel more and more comfortable with the language every day. Continuing to utilize it for as much as I can (for practice purposes) will be my continued goal for the future. Again, this is less explicitly actionable and more just something I want to do casually.

Blog at least once a week

Blogging once a week is something I fell out of fairly quick. Again, I blame an improper work-life balance.

That being said, recently I participated in a "30ThingsInDecember" challenge to myself which I blogged every day as a result. I noticed within about 13 days (where you can see I stopped) that the quality of the posts were lower and lower.

It's important to me that my posts are interesting to read, and ideally useful for people. In that light, I'd like to guarantee at least one post a month, and allow for opportunity for more. This creates an actionable goal every month that can easily retain quality.

Looking to the Future

I want to make a point to not call these "2020 Resolutions". This is in the same spirit as my resolutions I posted at the beginning of 2020. I don't want these goals to be restrictive to a year, and then given up if they're not completed. These goals are ongoing and always changing. These goals aren't checkmarks that I want to put on a list, but actual items that will improve my life.


Diet is something that I was intermittently good at in 2019. For the future, I want a casual intermittent fasting diet (no eating after 2p), as well as a casual vegetarian diet.

When I say "casual", what I mean is I will allow myself to break the diet for special occasions. Generally, follow the diet, but I won't let myself be miserable either

Physical Health

This one is important to me. I've gained a lot of weight in the past six months that I'd like to lose. Also, when I was active, I just felt better. Starting with working out at least three days a week is what I'm going for

Passive Income

Having passive income is something I've wanted for a while. I feel having my own LLC will help legitimize me more as a software developer, as well as promote my continued growth outside of tools and technologies that I use at work.

This year, I'll be turning Sneaky Crow into a legitimate brand, and working on producing some products for passive income.

Personal Growth

  • Music
  • Art
  • Literature

These are three items that I want to explore more. Personally, I feel exploring activities outside of programming will help broaden my perspectives and do nothing but improve my life.

This is going to include learning to play the guitar, more illustrations and concept art, and reading more.

I'll be including an illustration or piece with every blog post. I am going to make a point to practice the guitar every day for at least 15 minutes. And lastly, I'm going to read at least one book per month (which I'm thinking I could also follow up with a review every month)

Create a healthier digital diet

Upon reading Brian Lovin's 2019 in review post, I really liked his goal of creating a healthier digital diet. I want to do the same. Here's what Brian had to say:

Semi-passed. This year I managed to break free from constantly reading Reddit, for the most part. I also had a seriously productive mid-year where I was largely off social media. But: somehow this fall and into the winter, Twitter has snuck back into my life. Next year I want to focus on being action-oriented on Twitter: whenever I check in I want to be contributing to a conversation or sharing something useful. Less mindless scrolling, please.

In Conclusion

I've established my goals, more importantly is going to be executing them. And even more importantly than executing them, is keeping those goals under constant scrutiny. Is this still attainable? Do I still want this? People change, personalities evolve, and goals should go with that.