Exploring Game Development

Posted on December 08, 2019

I have a bunch of friends who are into game development. As someone who really likes to collaborate on projects, I've always had an itch to learn game development. In addition, learning a C language has always seemed like a good skill to acquire in general.

Today, I started to explore game development. I decided to go with the Unity engine, one because it's what one of my buddies develops in (whom I want to help), and two because it seems to have some features in it that work better for a small team (aka a one man team).

Initially, I followed some of the official tutorials on the Unity website, thinking they were going to be tutorials on developing a game, but they felt more like tutorials on familiarizing with the Unity Editor.

I do have plans to actually get more into coding the initial game. Later this week I'll post an article on developing a super simple game. I'm thinking something like a snake game shouldn't be too crazy.

I'm also going to start streaming my #30Things challenges. If you're interested, tune in on my twitch