Custom Playlist Cover

Posted on December 05, 2019

For the fifth day of my #30ThingsInDecember challenge to myself, I decided to take a different route than I have the past few days.

Recently, with the drop of Spotify's annual Wrapped playlists, I wanted to add a custom graphic to my yearly playlist. For context, every year I create a playlist that I actively update throughout the year with tracks that I've liked. It's not necessarily my top tracks, but it's close to something like that.

The past few years, the playlists haven't had any custom playlist cover, but I thought with my recent studying of Illustrator, it'd be rad to create a custom cover!

And here she is!

I think it turned out really good! I might change it sometime this month to have more of that classic outrun feel. I looked up some interesting palette's that I liked, and tried experimenting with some different font (although I ended up falling back to Montserrat).

Updated on December 06, 2019