Week 1: Resolutions Post Mortem

These posts are going to be more or less a post mortem, or a review, of how well I accomplished all my goals, issues I ran into, and successes I had.

Week 1 was definitely the first weeks, if that makes any sense. I was successful in things like cooking, and planning, and accomplishing all my todos.

What I learned, is that discipline is super necessary, and planning is super necessary. Getting things in my calendar, in my todo list, having reminders, things like that. They're all very necessary.

My biggest success was my calendar and todos. I was able to accomplish most everything I put in there, if I timed it right.

As for failures, I would say my meal planning (primarily breakfast), and my workout schedule failed.

The workout was particularly hard because of the way I scheduled it. When I make a new workout plan next week, I'm going to make a point to be more intentional about how I balance work, workouts, and personal time. The other issue I ran into for workouts was two of the three I scheduled I did not prepare my workout gear in my car. I need to make sure I do that.

As far as meal planning, it was mostly successful. The issue I ran into was meal planning for breakfast. Now, I don't necessarily consider this one a failure. I just realized that I'm not big on breakfast! I don't think that's a big deal honestly. But, I do know breakfast is important.

Corrections for next week

  1. Make workouts more intentional and balance them with proper times. Also, make sure to be prepared for them.
  2. Plan meals separately. What I mean by this is don't necessarily plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a whole day. Spread things out.

Aside from that, I did pretty well! This week I'll be attempting to purchase a DSLR to accomplish my photography goal. In the meantime, I have been able to successfully take one picture every day.

Pictures of the week:

Working hard on getting those sprints done! I got a new haircut! I finished setting up my apartment (mostly)