Writing a Forum API in Rust

So, just like a lot of people I know, I have a bad habit of starting projects without finishing others.

After the recent release of Mozilla’s File Sharing service Send, I felt a little defeated in my own file share software. So I’ve decided to switch back to a similar project I’ve wanted to do for a while: Rust Forum API.

When I was younger, I used to go on forums a lot. Proboards was my jam. It’s arguably one of the entry points for me into web software. Forums are always something I’ve wanted to make myself. So, in that spirit, I’m starting a new project for helping my rust knowledge, a forum api.

It will also include a frontend in React, but the focus of the project will be the API. I’ll be using actix_web and diesel with a Postgres DB. It’s going to be a fun project (I think).

I’ll keep semi-regular updates here. I’ve also added issue tracking, and I’m trying to be good about successfully accomplishing at least one issue per week.

Repo Issue Tracking